Our Aims.

We believe the political system we have cannot solve difficult, deeply rooted problems, the financial crisis being the latest example of a failure that was predictable and preventable.

We believe that the political structures we have are incapable of reforming themselves.We believe the people of Wales should have the right to decide how they are governed as well as who governs them. We will make this possible by giving the people of Wales the right to initiate legislation, and hold referendums on their own proposals, the system known as direct democracy. We need systems that are democratic, that are designed to solve the problems we face and that are capable of evolving as our needs change. These systems must also be capable of challenging groups that have undue influence on our political system.The system we demand will enable the people of Wales to put into place political structures that will fulfill those needs.

The three parts of CfD's system, the Welsh Assembly, direct democracy and the constitutional commission are designed to work together to create deep structural change, but this system is a toolkit. This toolkit can be used to create any political system we need, but before we do that we need to decide what sort of society we want to live in, what sort of influences we want on our systems, how representation should work, whether or not we need representation, how the media works, how we make sure people get the information they need to make good decisions, what sort of checks we need on power, and not just political power. The Commission reform route will deal with the influences on the political system as well as the system itself. It is a chance to start with a blank sheet of paper.

Rather than relying on the tired ideologies of the past the Constitutional Commission process gives us the opportunity, the toolkit, we need to create systems that can develop the best of our humanity. How do we want to be and how do we want to live are the questions we need to be asking. Once we have begun to find the answers to those questions we can begin to create a society that works for us all, and works for us as we really are, not consumers, but human beings. We are basically good and our sense of fairness and justice is deeply embedded, but the system we have disempowers and disillusions us. We are not a silent majority, we are a silenced majority.

We know what the problems are, we know what the solutions are. We need systems designed to get us from the problems to the solutions. Targets are not enough, CfD gives you the tools you need to create a sustainable future.

Our aims can be expressed very simply. We aim to put into place a process that will enable you to create, through democratic processes, a just, free and fair society