Campaign plan.

Campaign plan.

CfD needs publicity to win but to get this we need to prove we can turn our ideas into effective pressure on Welsh politicians so we have devised a four step plan that will bring us success.


Step 1. Get supporters from in and around Llanidloes. This will give us the resources we need to expand the campaign to Newtown.

Step 2. The Llanidloes Gazette has played a crucial role in explaining our ideas to people and we're going to do a Newtown edition. The format will be the same as in Llanidloes, a mix of local news and articles about CfD that build to a final issue that brings our ideas together. The quality of the Gazette gives potential supporters confidence in CfD and this will be maintained.

Step 3. Expansion from Newtown across Montgomeryshire and down to Brecon and Radnor. From Llanidloes we will go across to Aberystwyth. In both cases we will publish local versions of the Gazette.

Step 4. Set up an office in Bridgend, the constituency of our First Minister, Carwyn Jones with the intention of removing him from office. Our Bridgend office will be the base from which we run campaigns against all the Welsh party leaders. Getting to this stage should be enough to get us the publicity the campaign needs without having to run a campaign against the First Minister.